Bespoke Metal Art

Le Jardin Créatif are now offering workshops in bespoke metal art. We also create custom made Metal Artwork on commission.

Bespoke workshop sessions for one or two people will guide you through the process of creating designs using the plasma cuter and/or welder. You will be able to practice using the plasma cutter and we will help you to develop your design before making the final piece. (more details below the gallery). In a half day workshop you could make either a leaf/flower/seed head/heart etc. on a spike as a garden decoration or a plasma cut panel. For more information you an read the course outline here: 

We can make plasma panels to order for your garden – prices from 125€. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page for enquiries.

**This workshop is suitable for beginners and we will guide you through the basics. Your final piece will be based on your competence/confidence with the equipment (most people find the plasma cutter reasonably easy to use, welding can be a bit more challenging but we can assist with any tricky bits). We welcome ideas and your own designs but we may have to simplify them to be able to transfer them into metal art. **

The basic half day workshop costs 120€ for tuition for one/two people. Materials will be extra according to your chosen design and the current cost of steel. Please get in touch using the contact form below  to book session on a convenient date. For those with some experience or who have completed the basic workshop, longer sessions can be arranged to make bigger or more complex pieces.