Consultancy and Garden Design

If you would like bespoke advice on how to develop or manage your garden, orchard or woodland we offer a range of consultancy & design services tailored to individual needs.

Between us we have over 35 years experience of teaching, training and advising on a wide range of horticultural topics and have won many awards for our work including 2 Gold medals at the Chelsea Flower Show. Our services range from a one hour on site consultancy to one to one training in the essential management skills or a full garden design with detailed planting plans and scheme of works.


Consultancy – We come to your garden and give you on the spot advice on the design & layout of your space, what to plant where, how to manage existing plants & trees etc + we send you a resume of the advice

Bespoke training – We come to your garden, orchard or woodland and demonstrate/train you in the specialist pruning, training, management techniques required to renovate, restore or develop the area.

Soft Landscape design  – Starting with an initial consultancy and garden survey to develop a detailed garden design and/or planting plan whether you are developing  your entire outdoor space or just revamping a small area.

Management plans – We can develop a 1-5 year plan of action or scheme of works to guide you through developing or restoring, redesigning or maintaining your garden, orchard, coppice woodland.

Prices: Each service (or combination of services) will be tailored to your needs so costs will vary. Prices start at 50 euros for the first hour, then 35€ per additional hour for consultancy, design, advice and training. (Travel time and expenses are additional) For general consultancy a 1-2 hour appointment is usually sufficient, a summary of the advice and guidance will be typed up following the visit and emailed to you at no extra cost.

The cost of a garden design with a detailed planting plan will depend on how large your space is and how detailed the scale drawing needs to be (average costs of a design is between 180 – 350€). Please send us an email if you are interested in finding out more or to discuss your requirements: – or use the contact form below the gallery.

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