Potting compost on sale

We now have supplies of professional grade potting compost for sale.

20180403_111340786_iOSWe have found it difficult to purchase good quality potting compost with a fine texture that is suitable for seed sowing as well as potting and bedding in the local outlets so we have ordered in bulk from a professional horticultural suppliers. Our potting and bedding mix comes in 70 litre sacks, is a fine blend of responsibly managed peat, fine grade wood waste to reduce the peat content and give a good balance of air and water retention and milled clay for stability, nutrient retention and improved re-wetting.

10.99€ a sack or 3 sacks for 30€

On sale Saturdays 10.00-4.00 from our nursery, if you want to pre-order/reserve some then drop us an email at lejardincreatif87@gmail.com

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