Have you ever wanted to try the skill of grafting? This specialist propagation technique takes a little patience and practice but can be mastered by beginners with a little guidance. We are offering this half day course on Tuesday 18th February 2020: 1.00pm-4.00pm. 40 Euros per person including all materials and light refreshments.

You will learn a little about the science behind the technique and then have a go at Graft2 (2)grafting your own fruit tree. We will provide you with two dwarfing rootstocks and a selection of heritage apple varieties to graft (you will make two grafted trees to take home) but if you have your own tree that you would like to propagate then please bring some along, use the contact form below to contact us to find out how to harvest grafting material from your tree.

All tools and materials will be provided. Part of the workshop will take place outside so please wear warm work clothing. This technique does need some manual dexterity and patience! You will take home your grafted maiden trees with full instructions on how to care for them in the first year to maximise success. (Typical success rates for grafted trees is around 75% but if your graft doesn’t work first time you can use the rootstock again to have another go).

To book a place on this workshop you can use the online system below. If you have any problems using this system, or prefer to pay by cheque then please use the contact form below to check availability and request a booking form.

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Please use the contact form to enquire about postal booking or  if you have any questions about the workshop or would like information on how to harvest grafting material from your existing tree:

SDC15666This basic course in plant propagation will look at the basics of propagating from seed and from semi-ripe and hardwood cuttings. You will learn a little botany that will help you to be more successful in rooting cuttings and understanding the different types of seeds, seed saving tips and overcoming different types of dormancy in seeds.

You will have the opportunity to take cuttings from a range of plants to take home.

There will be follow on courses in February and May 2020 where you can learn the art of grafting (February) and softwood cuttings in May.

Pricking outThis half day introductory course is running on Tuesday 5th  November 1-4pm: 25€ per person. All materials and light refreshments are provided and You will be able to take home your cuttings.

To book a place on the course use the online payment system below. If you have any trouble using this system or prefer to send a cheque please use the contact form below to check availability and request a booking form.

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IMG_2796So many of our garden visitors have been stunned by our chicken wire Alliums that we have decided to put on some workshops so that you can come and make them.

This half day workshop teaches you some basic chicken wire sculpture skills and you will make 3 Allium flowers on spikes to decorate your garden. They flower all year round!!

The workshop will run from 9.30-12.30 on Friday 18th October.

35€ per person. Light refreshments are included as well as all materials  to make 3 flower heads on spikes.



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At Le Jardin Créatif we offer a range of courses in Horticulture and gardening alongside all of our ‘garden craft’ workshops.

This autumn we have a ‘Basic Botany for Gardeners’ course running over three sessions covering the basics of how plants live and grow, reproduce, carry out photosynthesis and use nutrients, their basic circadian rhythms and the way they respond to the seasons and their environment.


This course is aimed at those who have been inspired by their gardens and would like to know more about the fascinating world of plants and how they live. Based on the plant science module of the RHS level 2 courses it is suitable for complete beginners. The basic understanding of how plants work will help you to apply this knowledge in the garden and improve success and understanding of the principles and practices of gardening for flowers, fruits and vegetables.

For further information and booking visit our webpage: BOTANY FOR GARDENERS

Throughout the year we offer courses seasonal  in Pruning of orchard trees, Pruning of ornamental shrubs, Plant Propagation for beginners, Grafting of fruit trees, Winter tree identification, Soil Science, Vegetable growing for beginners, Gardening for beginners. If you would like to be notified when these courses are scheduled please use the contact form below to register interest.


If you are looking for a new hobby, a day out learning a new skill or just something different to do this Autumn we have places left on the following willow sculpture & weaving workshops:

Willow Lanterns: make a unique hanging lantern for your home or garden out of willow and other natural materials; 25th September – This half day workshop is suitable for complete beginners and teaches basic weaving techniques in the process of making an ‘Acorn Lantern’

Willow Bird feeders: make a decorative fat ball bird feeder to keep your garden birds happy this winter; 9th October – This half day workshop is suitable for complete beginners and teaches basic weaving techniques in the process of making your bird feeder.

Willow Stags Head sculpture: Make a life sized Stags Head Sculpture to mount in your home, garden or barn wall. This full day workshop includes a light lunch. We have two sessions with spaces available in October – 9th or 22nd.

Hedgerow Baskets: Make a unique and decorative basket from a range of ‘hedgerow’ materials. This half day workshop also coves basic weaving techniques and is suitable for beginners. 30th October

For more details about all of our current Willow courses and others that we offer which you can request visit our web pages: WILLOW WORKSHOPS or COURSES AND EVENTS (this page includes our full range of scheduled courses)

Come along and make an owl out of chicken wire! You will learn the basics of building a sculpture using chicken wire and create a stunning owl sculpture for your garden or home.

The course will run from 10.00-4.00 on Thursday 3rd October and will include a light lunch & refreshments. (Please be aware that everyone works at different speeds and you may finish a little earlier or later than the scheduled time) cost: 45 euros

Chicken wire is a fairly malleable material  and easy to mold and this course is suitable for beginners but some dexterity and physical strength is needed to work with this material over a day.


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Asclepias are a genus of herbaceous perennials that originate from North America and are tolerant of heat, drought and cold so perfect for growing here in mid France.

They have many common names including ‘milk weed’ because the stems produce latex and ‘butterfly weed’ because the flowers are nectar rich and loved by butterflies as they help to sustain them through the dry summer months. They also produce copious amounts of pollen and each flower has an unusual mechanism for attaching a pair of pollen sacks to the legs of visiting bees. The flowers are followed by interesting seed pods containing numerous seeds embedded in a silky lining.

At Le Jardin Créatif on our Petite Pépinière we have two varieties; Asclepias ‘Deep Silky Red’ with its bright red/orange flowers and Asclepias incarnata ‘Carmine Rose’ with deep dusky rose flowers that have a vanilla scent.