Bread recipe!

I have had so many requests for the recipe that I use for my home made bread served with the lunches that I have decided to post it up on the website!

I use a Panasonic bread machine, the bake setting is menu number 4 which is a 5 hour bake for wholemeal and seeded breads. I use the medum loaf setting. I usually bake it on a timer overnight to make sure it is fresh in the morning. I use dried yeast and always put the yeast into the machine first, then the dry ingredients on top then the water last. This keeps the water away from the yeast until it starts mixing, which is the secret to success. If the water touches the yeast before the bake starts (if you are using a timer to delay the start of the bake) then it partially ferments before the mixing of ingredients and you end up with a loaf that looks a bit like a house brick!

Here is my recipe, I seem to have deviated slightly from any of the recipes in the book, having made it from memory when my book was in England, however it seems to produce good results every time:



400g multi-cereals flour (I use the supermarket own brand)

3/4 teaspoon of dried yeast

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp salt (you can reduce this if you are on a low salt diet)

15g butter OR a tablespoon of olive oil (to make it vegan/dairy free)

280ml chilled water




  1. Hi Caroline, could you be more specific about the flour, please, I haven’t found a multi-cereal flour yet. ? H.

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