Chicken wire Chicken sculpture 18th July

IMG_1267Learn the basics of sculpture using chicken wire to create a lifelike chicken sculpture for your garden. A good basic beginners course which can lead onto building on these skills to create more complex sculptures later in the year.

This full day course will run on Thursday 18th July from 10.00-4.30/5.00 including a short break for a light lunch and refreshments. Materials and refreshments are all included. 55€ per person.IMG_1709

You will need to wear work clothes and bring a pair of sturdy gloves. Chicken wire is a malleable material and easy to use but will require moderate strength in your hands and fingers. You may feel a little tired working with wire for a whole day, we have allowed time for rest breaks and we support anyone who needs a little help.

THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULLY BOOKED, we have an extra date now scheduled for 12th August: Chicken Wire Chicken 12th August




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