Fruit Pruning, Grafting, Veg growing and Hedgelaying workshops February and March 2020

SDC11677Beat the winter blues and learn a new skill at Le Jardin Créatif!

We have a whole range of horticulture and gardening courses to help you improve your gardening skills, get more enjoyment and productivity out of your garden and meet like minded people.

Click on the links below (click on the title in capital letters) for more details about each workshop:

18th February GRAFTING WORKSHOP learn how to graft fruit trees

20th February HEDGE LAYING learn the traditional art of hedge laying

3rd March FRUIT PRUNING training and management of young orchard trees

5th March DECORATIVE FRUIT TREE FORMS training and pruning of espaliers and other decorative forms

10th March FRUIT PRUNING how to prune and renovate mature orchard trees to promote vigour and productivity

25th March SHRUB PRUNING improve your pruning skills to promote best flowering, fruiting and decorative effect from your shrubs



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  1. Hi Caroline I thinkI’ve just signed up for this course – I’ve certainly paid for it. Didn’t notice the ‘Buy Now’button before I raced on to PayPal!!!!


    Ronnie XXX



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