Gooseberry & chilli relish


Gooseberries are not everyones cup of tea but if you grow them yourself or have access to fresh picked gooseberries there are lots of tasty things that you can do in addition to the traditional crumble, they make a perfect chunky sauce to go with mackerell, gooseberry gin liqueur is well worth the wait and gooseberry jelly is a great accompaniment to savory foods as well as making an interesting alternative to marmalade.

If you have plenty of gooseberries then gooseberry and chilli relish is easy to make and is really tasty with cheese and cold meats if you like something tangy and spicy on the side.

The time consuming bit is chopping the gooseberries. For 4 medium jarts of relish I chopped one large punnet (from picture above) Each gooseberry should be sliced in half then each half into two or four depending on its size. Then finely chop…

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