Allium ‘Hair’


Allium ‘Hair‘ is a most unusual decorative member of the onion family. Many ornamental alliums are grown for their striking rounded umbel of flowers and the almost equally decorative seed heads that follow.

What is unusual about Allium ‘Hair’ is that the decorative effect is created by numerous purply/red miniature bulbs growing on the top of the ‘flower stem’, the wild ‘hair’ effect is created from tiny green shoots that twist and bend to create an overall effect.

IMG_0804These alliums make superb contemporary cut flowers because they last well with no petals to fade, they are also excellent when planted in big groups within planting schemes of ornamental grasses, herbaceous perennials and other bulbs. They are a particularly good contrast with the lovely soft feathery grass Stipa tenuissima ‘Pony Tails’

(Shown here growing with Astrantia major)

Alliums require a sunny spot and a well drained soil, if they are…

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