Basic DIY Skills April 2019

We have had lots of requests for some sessions covering basic workshop skills, use of hand tools and power tools and how to do some basic DIY tasks. So, we have created a course that is designed to empower you!  Learn to do some of those basic jobs yourself that you might otherwise have to wait for or pay someone to do. The course is aimed at all beginners who want to be able to achieve basic DIY and construction tasks themselves.

img_2046.jpgAlthough there is some flexibility in what we will cover we have put together a programme that we feel covers the most useful tools, materials and techniques. The first two sessions covering the basics are on 1st and 8th April 1-4 pm, with an optional third Intermediate session covering slightly more advanced techniques on 15th April 1-4pm:

Session 1 Gain confidence in using the chop saw, hand saw, power drill/screwdriver, measuring and cutting wood, different types of hammer and nails, selecting suitable screws and fixings, you will start to construct a simple wooden planter to put these new skills into practice.

Session 2 Will cover different types of joins for your planter, you will carry on building your planter. Opportunity to use  a jigsaw and/or a table saw to personalise your planter.

Session 3 Drilling into walls/stone, selecting suitable fixings for putting up shelving, pictures and ornaments onto different types of wall.  This session can also be tailored to your current projects and develop some relevant skills*. (*depending on the project and time available – please discuss your ideas with us in advance)

You can book onto the basic course and the intermediate session using the ‘buy now’ buttons below – these use a secure PayPal system but you do not need to have a PayPal account to use this system as card payments are also accepted. If you prefer to pay by cheque you can use the contact form below to check availability and request a booking form. You can also use this form for an other questions.

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Intermediate session 20€
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  1. Hello!
    I am hoping you have one place left on your DIY courses in April and May. I was due to attend the workshop before Christmas for the wire piglets, along with my sister in law, but she was in a car accident the week before. You said we could transfer our payment onto another workshop. So if possible I would like to transfer the 80euro for this course. Please could you let me know-many thanks. Jill Veness


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