Make a willow Stag’s Head Tuesday 30th April

IMG_0676Come along and learn the art of making animal sculptures out of willow. Make a majestic Stag Head to mount indoors or outside.

You will learn the basics of using willow as a medium for sculpture and create an impressive stag head sculpture over the course of the day.

Tuesday 30th April 10.00-4.30; a light lunch, refreshments and all materials are included: 65€ 

Willow is a flexible material that is easy to use for freestyle IMG_1677sculpture and you will be able to add your own personal touches to your stags head. You do need a little strength and dexterity to work with willow on a larger sculpture such as the stags head. We will support anyone who needs a little help to finish theirs off on the day.


BOOKING IS NOW CLOSED FOR THIS DATE, we have an extra date on 18th June 



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