NEW Online Course: Vegetable Growing for beginners

Here at Le Jardin Créatif we are doing our best to respond to our customers and adapt our normal products and services to the current situation. We have been creating a series of videos for those who were unable to attend the ‘Veg growing for beginners’ course scheduled for last month. We have had such a huge response from customers wanting vegetable plants and seeds, many trying ‘home growing’ for the first time that we realise this might be an opportunity to reach out to a wider audience and share our years of experience and passion for vegetable growing.

We will send you a link to our You Tube channel Playlist: ‘Vegetable Growing’ which contains a series of short videos demonstrating key techniques and discussing different methods of cultivating the main vegetable groups, starting from early spring there are several videos there already to get you going and we will continue to post weekly throughout the main growing season.

You will also receive by email a series of articles and notes that accompany the videos.

SDC14961We start by looking at a basic crop rotation plan and then go through seed sowing, potting on, planting out. Looking in detail at cultivating the main vegetable groups: Potatoes, root crops, onions, peas and beans, squashes and courgettes, salad crops, and will also be exploring alternative growing techniques, organic pest and disease prevention, building soil fertility, organic principles, companion planting etc. The existing video collection will be added to as we carry out timely activities on our vegetable plot over the season.

We will offer a question and answer service to subscribers via email.

Cost: 30 euros per person.

You will need a PC, Laptop or tablet which has sound and access to the internet to view the videos. The articles and notes will be sent in PDF format.

To subscribe you can purchase straight away using the online system below. This is a secure PayPal system but you do not need to have a PayPal account to use it, card payments are also accepted (you select quantities and proceed to the next stage where there is a ‘card payment’ button below the PayPal info. Once we receive notification of your payment we will email you a link and attach the notes. Updates will be posted throughout the season.

Vegetable Growing for beginners Online Course

Vegetable Growing for beginners online course


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