Vegetable Growing for Beginners Online Course

This online course was first developed when our ‘hands on’ practical course had to be cancelled due to the first period of confinement in 2020. Now we have a full year of videos, articles and a calendar to link it all together and are publishing it as a package. The course is aimed at complete beginners and novice gardeners who want to improve their success in the potager and covers the cultivation of a range of easy veg crops as well as the principles of crop rotation, organic growing, soil management, companion planting, harvesting and storing techniques.

You will get access to a range of videos (currently 24 short videos) that take you through the gardening year as well as articles in PDF format to accompany the videos and give a little more in depth information. There is a calendar to help you to sequence the sowing and growing throughout the year.

You can also access additional support by emailing us with questions.

Watch a sample video: Seed sowing under protection

Vegetable Growing for Beginners

This online course allows you to access videos and articles that guide you through the year. Aimed at beginners the tutorials cover basic techniques to prepare, sow and grow a range of easy vegetables as well as looking at principles and techniques for successful organic growing. Once we receive notification of your payment, we will contact you by email with a link to our You Tube channel and attach our articles & calendar.


If you have any questions or are finding it difficult to use the online payment or view the sample video please use the contact form below to get in touch:

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